Welcome to Staff Writer!

Welcome to the first blog for Staff Writer. I am a reporter and am extremely interested in the state of journalism and reporting in the world today.

This blog was started because the journalism industry is in a place it has never been before. Specifically, newspapers are in crisis. Subscriptions are down and the main culprit is the Web. People, mainly younger ones, do not buy newspapers anymore because the same content is available for free online. Advertisers are therefore canceling their accounts with papers everywhere. Newsrooms across the United States are firing staffers and simultaneously expecting the remaining staff to do even more: blog and make videos while still writing decent articles.

This whole thing makes me sad and rather nervous about my future in journalism. I love newspapers. I was originally a magazine major in college, but after interning at a large, popular magazine in NYC it became clear that the mag business wasn’t for me. Newsrooms are where I feel at home. While I strongly believe there will always be some written component to newspapers, the future is getting darker and darker.

This blog hopes to look at what’s being done to help newspapers or at least discuss where they are headed. It also will look at what else is going on in journalism.

Hope you enjoy it!


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