Hope for newspapers might come from NJ’s Star-Ledger

I was reading BuzzMachine today and came across what I think might be a possible savior for newspapers.

I hope you watch this video. It’s really nothing like regular television news, which is awesome. But what I found most interesting about this video idea, really an innovation, is that it incorporates reporters’ videos. So all those videos and audio slides we are now learning how to make can still be used. Those skills are actually good to have.

Ledger Live seems incredibly fresh to me. I’m not sure if other newspapers are doing similar things, they probably are, but this seems like something I could do at my newspaper. It is incredibly local, of interest to readers and free.

Readers can also interact with the show by posting comments on the Web site. On my newspaper’s site, for example, readers very rarely comment. We’re trying to blog more to get them more interested, but I wonder if we did something like this if it would have a better response.

I would love to try and do a mini version of this for my company…

What do you think about the Star Ledger’s idea? Could it possibly help out newspapers?


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One response to “Hope for newspapers might come from NJ’s Star-Ledger

  1. Get out while you still can. Newspapers have less time left on them than your current car.

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