Maryland paper, formerly a daily, now prints twice-weekly

The Daily Banner, a paper in Cambridge, Md., will need to change its name. The paper is no longer a daily, instead choosing to print twice-weekly, Editor & Publisher reported yesterday.

In an article in today’s edition, Independent Newspapers President Ed Dulin says the daily editions have been thin on news and advertising. He says the twice-weekly editions will be stronger for readers and advertisers.

(Right, the paper will be stronger for readers. I don’t even know why Dulin added that. The paper will be stronger for advertisers. That’s where the money really comes from, not from subscriptions).

Times are so bad for newspapers, however, that this move doesn’t seem so harsh. Online content will break news in between the Wednesday and Friday editions, said Dulin. Meaning, basically, the print edition is now supplementing the online version. That’s an interesting twist, but it seems print must do this to stay alive. Instead of canning the entire paper, at least some print version will still come out.

I looked at the Daily Banner Web site, and I have to say, it wasn’t too hot. Wicked Local, the community Web sites for my paper and sister papers, are much more professional. This site was just about ads. I couldn’t find any articles. Made me think perhaps there wasn’t much of a paper to save to begin with.

However, just to warn the Daily Banner, I work at a weekly. We only come out once a week and my company is still doing poorly. It seems doubtful switching from publishing daily to two times a week is really going to help this paper.


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