Twenty-something Journalist

I was just browsing some of the journalism blogs I like and was looking at The Journalism Iconoclast’s recent posts. This is a bit old, but on Aug. 1 there is a post about the launching of Twenty-something Journalist, a blog about “the changing face of the news business.”

As a twenty-something journalist, I was immediately interested in this site. It’s basically a not too fancy page divided into different discussion posts, such as News, New Media Tools, Ethics, Freelance, Job Hunting and even a section for student journalists.

I looked into the “On the job” thread and read a discussion about the biggest surprises between student and pro journalism. It seemed like most of the answers I could really relate to. I often feel as though no one reads what I write. Our site has a lot of hits, yet basically no one in the town comments on our stories. That is incredibly discouraging. It’s almost like why am I writing this if nobody cares enough to comment? Won’t the other, larger paper nearby cover the big stuff anyway? Yet I am not alone. One person, going by the name finaldraft, wrote

That no one would really care about what I wrote. Toiling away at a small town newspaper in the middle of nowhere was just not for me.

This post made me wonder if finaldraft got out of journalism. Did s/he move on to a bigger paper somewhere else?

Furthermore, when do people really care about what journalists write? If you’re not writing for a major daily newspaper or news Web site, does anyone read/care? You could even argue people don’t really care about the vast majority of what the big dailies and Web sites write about. Ads are down and buyouts are becoming even more frequent.

I’m definitely interested in keeping my eye on twenty-something journalist. It seems like a great way to hear from other people in the same place as I am, career wise. Maybe they’ll have some good new media tips or ways to help the industry.


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