Daily Orange not quite so daily

One thing I was always proud of was Syracuse’s daily newspaper, the Daily Orange. It was a Monday- Friday paper operated entirely by students. I always thought it was decent (although there were critics). The paper, however, will now only come out four days a week.

The Daily Orange will no longer publish a print edition of its newspaper on Fridays because of a series of financial setbacks that make printing and distributing a paper on the week’s slowest day impractical.

In the absence of a print copy of the day’s news, there will be a complete edition’s worth of content published on the paper’s Web site, dailyorange.com.

A pending lawsuit against the paper and advertisers not buying as many ads as originally thought for a now defunct insert in the paper are the “financial setbacks.” The paper is not funded by SU at all, but instead “operates in the same manner as any other business, relying on market sales to finance production.”

It’s interesting how even student papers aren’t free from the economic woes facing all print industries. If the paper stops publishing on one day, will it ever get that day back? I somehow doubt it. It seems this is a slippery slope for the Daily Orange becoming an online paper.


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