Filming tips and CubReporters

I realize as a beginning journalist, a large part of my career will involve multimedia, which is awesome. I think videos and blogs and all that stuff is really neat. The only problem: My videos make me slightly nauseous.

Cameras have never been my friend. My still photos aren’t exactly terrible, but aren’t too far from it. My videos could be fine, but I feel they are way too shaky. I don’t have a tripod and it gets sort of embarrassing showing it to friends/future employers. This is a key skill for me to have. So anyone reading this, do you have any tips?

In an effort to find answers to my dilemma, I went to 20SJ (twenty something journalist). While I didn’t find any advice, I did stumble upon a cool new site: The Web site, which has a really cute name, has journalism jobs, advice, resources and more for young journalists. It was started by Marist College journalistm professor Mark Grabowski.

What separates from other journalism websites is that it offers original content for young journalists that can’t be found anywhere else. For example, this site features a lengthy list of major newspapers, magazines, broadcast stations and websites that routinely hire entry-level reporters and it has a section that lists fellowships specifically geared towards young journalists.

The idea of having a list of fellowships is intriguing. I never really considered doing that. But maybe it would be a good way for an entry level journalist such as myself to get a head start. In this economic climate, however, are newspapers still offering fellowships? That would be an interesting thing to research. With buyouts, firings, etc. it would make sense if fellowships were very low/nonexistent on the totem pole.

What do you think? Heard of any good fellowships? Please comment. I love getting reactions from readers.


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