TimesPeople: Facebook for newspapers

The New York Times recently launched a social networking site called TimesPeople. In an innovative idea, the company has started this site where you can share, comment, email articles/multimedia/blog posts etc. with different users. You simply log in, for free, and start adding people to your network. 

The site lists the most active articles, the most commented on and the most recommended. It seems pretty neat.  I didn’t know who to add as my “buddies” so I have no users to share articles with, but besides that, the concept of sharing news like this is great. You can immediately send someone a story you found fascinating or sound slide that tickled you pink. Instead of saying, Have you read so and so, you simply find something you like and immediately can send it. 

Watch this neat video from cnet on the creation of TimesPeople.

The reason this is so neat is because it offers yet one more way people can share news. Facebook has become so popular that if the NY Times can catch even a small bit of that enthusiasm, maybe it will lure advertisers back. It would be amazing if online ad revenue could increase because of this. I know tons of people advertise on Facebook, so why not this?


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