A nice job perk

One of the nice things about my job is that I sometimes get to interview people who have made it in Hollywood. (Of course, in my case, they have to be from Wellesley, but that’s okay).

So for next week’s issue, I’m trying to get an interview with Ari Graynor- an actress who grew up in Wellesley. She is in the new movie “Nick and Nora’s Infinite Playlist”- which stars Michael Cera (“Juno,” “Arrested Development”) and Kat Dennings (“The House Bunny”). The cool part was I got to see a sneak preview of the movie last night and sit in the press rows, which were the best seats in the house.

Graynor plays a girl named Caroline in the movie, who has a strange, at times gross, addiction to her chewing gum and loves turkey sandwiches. I really liked this movie. It was entertaining, cute and funny- sort of like a modern John Hughes film. It comes out on Oct. 3 and I highly recommend you go see it.

This week I also am interviewing Greg Yaitanes. He just won an Emmy for Outstanding Director of a Drama Series. (He won for “House M.D.”) I’ve spoken to his mom and dad so far, and it’s really neat hearing about someone going from the East Coast town of Wellesley to winning an Emmy on national television. I was looking him up on IMDB and it turns out he’s directed some episodes of my favorite show, “Bones.” I’m going to have to ask him about that!


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