The Sun sets

It’s official: The New York Sun is closing down. The paper reported earlier in September that unless it got significant more funding/advertising/moolah, it would shut down. It has stayed true to its word and Tuesday, Sept. 30 will be the last day the paper is published, according to Editor and Publisher

This is quite intense/scary/real. The Sun is one of the first papers to simply close down because it couldn’t sustain itself. They aren’t trying go online only or do anything new. They are simply shutting their doors and cutting their losses. Is this the future for print papers?

Everyone keeps on saying how poorly the business is doing but when a paper like this actually goes down, it feels so much more real. Yet I went to the Web site and you wouldn’t know the paper was closing down. I can only imagine how sad it was to write the last copy tonight, edit that last article, send that last page to the presses. 

With the economy doing so poorly, it seems almost impossible for anyone to save papers like The Sun. Money is tight now, but what are we getting ourselves into? Soon we will only use screens for information, forgetting what a book or newspaper felt like. Hmm, reminds me of Fahrenheit 451…


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