Self evaluation without the raise

I’ve been working at my job for six months next week. This means I’m eligible for one week of vacation, yay, yet because of GateHouse’s financial straits, no one is receiving raises this year. I’m sort of okay with that in a weird way. I’m making next to nothing to begin with and for some reason not getting a raise doesn’t piss me off.

What is mildly irritating is we have to fill out evaluations on our performance. I guess it’s a good idea to still get critiques from your boss/editor, but c’mon now. These are the same sheets employees would fill out if they were getting raises- isn’t that a bit like pouring salt in the wound? Why don’t we do something more productive than fill out the evaluations and instead learn how to shoot video better. We may have had classes on that in the past, but now we are encouraged to bring our point and shoots with us everywhere and I know some of the other reporters would love to have more education on how to film a video. 

If newspaper companies are going to be offering buyouts and having hire freezes yet simultaneously expect less employees to do more, then there has to be an incentive in it somewhere.

If raises/monetary incentives are not available, then what about something else?  Better video editing software, help with posting articles online, homemade cookies, happy hours at work (just kidding), really anything would be nice. Raises were created to show employees their work was valued; it was a pat on the back. But there are other ways to show the same thing without it being a raise.

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  1. Doug

    There’s something about Peter listening to gangsta rap that’s too funny for words. I agree, it’s a really discouraging time in the business. There’s little room to advance. Editors are scared. There’s no light at the end of the tunnel. It does seem like the invincibility that reporters often feel — that we are just observers of life — is coming back to bite. But it’s also a time for re-invention. We must be willing to take those risks, willing to make mistakes, so that when something goes right, we succeeded against the odds.

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