CosmoGirl is no more

A few days ago I found out CosmoGirl magazine was folding. I was, and still am, shocked. I interned at the magazine a few years ago and remember the glee the top editors had when they found out a rival magazine was folding. I can only imagine how the staff members’ faces fell when they heard their own was now in the same boat. 

CosmoGirl was a teen mag that made me want to see my name in print. No, it wasn’t the best magazine and it had some shallow content, but it also had stories that a not super popular young girl who wasn’t dating the quarterback could relate to. And great quizzes.

My CosmoGirl internship experience ultimately made me realize newspapers were more my speed than

mags, but it was still cool to see this magazine of my youth being put together in person. The magazine will now only survive online, canceling its print publications after December. Seventeen magazine will absorb some of its content. 

Yet this cancelation simply highlights the ever growing trend of print products slowly dying off because ad revenue is going down. Maybe CosmoGirl will thrive online- if it is given enough resources to still have interesting articles and such that would attract the readers. But online pubs are not the same as being able to physically hold a magazine or a newspaper. Until e-readers get more popular, like Amazon’s Kindle, it is still easier to carry a magazine in an airport than a computer where you have to have Internet access.


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One response to “CosmoGirl is no more

  1. Hi!

    I think CosmoGirl will do great online because that is where most magazines are heading! Now don’t ask me what I will do when my all time magazine Glamour hits digital only!!!! As you can see I am a die-hard print gal and I pray for the future of both Hearst and Conde Nast!


    A gal holding on to PRINT!


    Zanade Mann

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