GateHouse job cuts

Yesterday was a sad day at work. Right in the morning, the entire editorial unit received an e-mail stating that the position of photo assistant had been eliminated. 

We were all shocked. The girl who held that post was invaluable and incredibly helpful. The photos are such a key element of our papers. How can just one single photo editor really handle coordinating so many assignments plus color correcting them and everything else this girl/her job did?

This move came with little warning. Of course, we heard relatively recently from top GateHouse execs that there would be job cuts, but c’mon. Almost everyone in the newsroom could think of someone else to cut than this girl/job. As one person said, it was a bonehead decision.

This elimination really rattled us. If this job is cut, than how safe is everyone else? If the company is going to be making cuts, why can’t they get our feedback first? Or at least the editors’ feedback. The people making these decisions aren’t in the newsroom daily, how can they, therefore, make a truly informed decision on which positions are no longer “necessary”? 

The girl who lost her job is my age. Could this have been me? She had no warning. I understand that in the current climate our industry is in, being laid off isn’t exactly completely unexpected, but still. I guess there’s no nice way to fire someone, but I wish there were. Who will be next?


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