Good things come in small packages- even newspapers?

The Boston Globe, in an effort to cut down on expensive print costs, is getting rid of two sections of the paper. (Read the Editor and Pub lisher article about it here.) Basically, the arts/features section and business will no longer be separate bits. Business will join Metro, the arts will become part of a new tab called “g”. 

This move really stinks. The Globe is saving 24 pages by doing this move and said it is still emphasizing local news but seriously, no Living Arts section anymore? And no Business fold either? That is really quite shocking to me. I remember when I did a co-op at the Globe a few years ago and one of my peers was so proud she had a story on the front cover of Business. Now, that is no more.

Even at my weekly paper, the business section has melded into the rest of the paper. Yet why is there such a low priority on business news? And features, well, I’d think that would be highly read. That was what I always used to read. It was the section I wanted to eventually work for.

The Globe’s decision to do this, said editor Martin Baron, is so the paper will “transform to the taste of people’s reading habits.” Right. This is not conforming to people’s reading habits it is simply following the business model of what makes money stays, what doesn’t gets cut. If newspapers keep on following readers’ “trends” there will be no more paper because trends show, people aren’t buying newspapers anymore.


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