Circulation numbers down at the big papers

Oy vey. Here’s more bad news for papers: The Audit Bureau of Circulation (via Editor and Publisher) reports big drops in the circulation numbers at the big metros.

According to ABC for the 507 newspapers reporting in this period, daily circulation slipped 4.6% to 38,165,848 copies. For the 571 papers, Sunday dropped 4.8% to 43,631,646 copies.

For comparison purposes, in September 2007 reporting period, daily circ fell 2.6% and Sunday was down 4.6%.

What surprised me the most was reading the low circulation numbers at papers like the New York Times and the Boston Globe. For the NY Times, the circ is down to only a little more than 1 million readers daily and the Globe has a daily circ of less than 324,000.

Something I would like to know, however, is what are the Web site numbers for these papers? I bet more than 1 million people check the NY Times each day. If only there was a way to translate that into helping the print product…

What do you think about this latest news? Is it surprising or expected? Is this the final say for papers or can the manage to survive?


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