Christian Science Monitor a daily no more

The Christian Science Monitor announced today it will no longer print daily, publishing mostly online and printing a weekend magazine-style copy, reports the Boston Globe.

The moves, expected to happen in April, are meant to save money and rejuvenate the website of a publication based in Boston, and they come as many newspapers struggle with circulation declines as readers and ad dollars migrate from the printed page to the Internet.

This paper is really wellknown in Boston and this is rather big news. John Yemma, the paper’s editor, said around 10-15 percent of the workforce will be cut and he hopes the paper’s Web site becomes a “go-to place.”

“We are getting out of the daily print business,” Yemma said. “By harnessing (our staff) to ‘Web first’ we will be putting the best of our content on the Web when it happens. It will be much more energetic. Much more a go-to place.”

On the Christian Science Monitor’s site, an article on the move said the paper will become “the first nationally circulated newspaper to replace its daily print edition with its website.” The same staff will generate print and Web content.


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  1. While I was not a reader of the CSM, I must admit that I read most newspapers online myself. Sign of the times… Yet, I find it sad that the glory days of the printed newspaper are clearly history – some of the biggest dailies are struggling seriously. Soon we will carry out ‘Kindle’ to the coffeehouse. Not quite the same…

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