Election Day coverage

So tomorrow is Election Day. I wasn’t exactly thinking the town I cover had much to do with the election, but boy, was I wrong. We do have two contested races that affect Wellesley and therefore I have to cover it. This is my first Election Day and it’s sort of exciting. Tomorrow will also be really, really busy. 

election-boxWe’re going to be updating our site (wickedlocal.com/Wellesley) a lot, in fact all of the Wicked Local Web sites are. It should be a really interesting day. At least in the town I cover, registered voters are up 400 people from the presidential election in 2004. I’m sure voter numbers are up in most other towns too. Polls are suppose to be pretty jam-packed. 

I also am covering one of the people running for state Senate tomorrow. I’m going to the election party which will be really interesting, no matter what the outcome. 

How are other reporters/bloggers planning on covering the election?

Image from www.usm.maine.edu


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