You’ve got to be kidding me, Part I

Welp, more people are leaving the GateHouse Media New England family. The paginators in the main Metro office in Needham, well some of them at least, will be moving to the Framingham office in January. A new system will be put in place where we can edit the dummies of the paper remotely, not needing the 

There will, of course, also be layoffs. Not all of the paginators in our section will be moving. This really stinks. I think everyone feels really bummed out. One of the paginators who I routinely work with is getting married. This is an awful time for him not to have a job.

The move to Framingham also means I won’t be going into our Needham office on Wednesdays to put the paper together. That’s disappointing. While I like our Wellesley office, it’s nice to go into the bigger office in Needham and see all the other editors/reporters. 

So boo.  How/why are paginators deemed not necessary for a paper to come out? They lay out the pages for goodness’ sake! This move really makes me wonder who’s next? Will our Wellesley office move to the Needham one? Will we all close down? What is the future?

The problem is that no one knows the answer.


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