Politicians try to save local papers

Props to the elected officials in Connecticut. Well, at least two of them. After learning that some local papers could be shuttered in January, Conn. Gov. M. Jodi Rell and Attorney General Richard Blumenthal are seeking solutions to save the papers, the Register Citizen, a Conn. paper, reported today. 

Local papers provide vital news about what is going on in the community, from zoning meetings to city council actions, as well as things such as firehouse fundraisers, parent-teacher organization activities and school sports. In addition, they provide a record of births, marriages and deaths, he said.

“The newspaper is an information lifeline,” Blumenthal said. “It provides really an essential service.”

Rell agreed closing the newspapers would mean losing a public service, but also had a more sentimental reason for fighting.

“There’s something about having that paper and being able to sit there with your cup of coffee or your tea and read through and find out not only the news but the real feel for a community,” Rell said.

The two would like to see a bipartisan effort to save the papers. It’s interesting to see local politicians actually try to save papers. Half the time I deal with them, I feel manipulated or like they think my paper is their personal soap box. The other half of the time, they barely call me in time for me to meet my deadline. Needless to say, I have never thought politicians really liked papers. More like they think it’s a necessary evil.

Yet in this move, someone is actually seemingly trying to do something about the newspaper crisis. And that someone is a politician, or two. 

What do you think? Will these politicians help save papers or are they just trying to get on the popular side of their voters?


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