Do not deliver newspaper law

newspaper-delOh wow. So on top of the news today that newspaper ad revenue fell billions, Gannett is launching nationwide layoffs, and whatever other bad figures papers had to deal with today, papers might now have to face towns creating “do not deliver” laws.

From Editor and Publisher:

NEW YORK In what could become a trend — and a likely thorn in the side of newspaper circulation managers — the city of Alexandria, Va., is considering legislation that would create a local “do not deliver” list to stop unwanted newspapers.

WJLA-TV reports on its Web site that the proposal was made at a recent city council meeting, adding it came about “after hundreds of residents complained about unwanted newspapers being delivered to their home.”

The story said the key culprit seemed to be the Washington Examiner. Calls by E&P to the Examiner were not immediately returned.

Council member Justin Wilson told the station that it seems to be a problem throughout the city. “It’s probably, in a year and a half on city council, probably what we receive the most complaints about,” he said in a Web story. 

“Alexandria leaders want to create a Do Not Deliver list, much like the Do Not Call list, where residents can make their desires official,” the story said. “If the industry doesn’t comply, the penalty could be a $25 fine for the first violation and up to a $100 fine for a third.

“These papers are dumped in stacks and they blow around. They litter, they’re in the gutters, they just, they’re very much an eyesore for the entire community,” Wilson told the station. 

The council is set to formally consider the plan in January. 

You have got to be joking. Seriously? This is such a sad state of affairs. I understand newspapers can get in the way and the ink can run onto your skin, but can you really imagine a world without them? You get news you wouldn’t receive otherwise by looking through a paper. 

I disagree with this law not because I think everyone needs to get a paper, but because it is just more salt in the wound. Newspapers don’t need residents to start a Do Not Deliver list. (By the way, isn’t that called canceling your subscription or was that just me?)

Do you think this will hurt papers even more? Is there anything positive to come out of this?

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