Gannett layoffs, or what is a young journalist to do

The Gannett layoffs are super depressing. Check out Gannett Blog, where you can find lists of numbers of laid of journalists, stories from them and more.

This latest news seems to be changing even the most steadfast journalists I know. One of my colleagues is on a job interview now with a local politician, another is rethinking applying to jobs as a sports writer. (Of course I mentioned he shouldn’t be getting into this field months ago, but he didn’t listen.)

All this news is, simply put, scary. I put in so many hours into my job. Being a reporter is awesome, most of the time. I don’t really know what else I would do if not this. I guess public relations or something like that… but would I need training for that? A master’s? 

Many young journalists are having the same questions as I am. Unlike days past, there is no job security working at a newspaper. What should a young journalist do?


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