Oy, remote pagination starting at GateHouse

As I sat in a training session today where IT people tried to show us how remote pagination would work, thoughts of money kept on floating through my head. Or rather, the lack of it.

GateHouse has been forced to cut all but two of the paginators in my office. (They are the people who actually put the physical articles and images together to form the paper). Therefore, we must now learn how to correct dummies of the paper on the computer and the paginators, who will now be in another town and office, will grab them off the computer network. This is in place of the old process of using a pencil to make corrections and then handing it off to the paginator.

Why are we doing this? Money. The company has no money, or less of it at least, and therefore the higher ups have decided this remote pagination is cheaper. It might be, but it also seems more time consuming and extremely confusing.

As a “young person” I seem to have computer/tech skills my older colleagues do not possess. Such as grasping how to blog and add pictures and not have the whole system crash. This remote pagination thing seemed extremely confusing to me; I can only imagine how people who are admittedly not tech-savvy will deal.

Ultimately, they will have to adapt. I have faith we all will, I just wonder how long, and rocky, that path will be. 

Has anyone else used remote pagination and have tips for us newbies embarking on this journey?


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