Against the odds, journalism still a popular major

So apparently I am not alone in wanting to major in journalism. This interesting article from the Times Union states the number of journalism majors is on the increase. Ironic, since newspapers are having some issues right now, like the Trib filing for bankruptcy and other well-known pubs simply stopping home delivery for most of the week.

Here are two great lines:

On the surface, it sounds like one of those man-bites-dog oddities that reporters like so much. Students are cramming the pipeline of a seemingly cratering industry in which companies are shedding jobs and even filing for bankruptcy.

It’s so true.

The article also lists the starting salaries for journalism majors ($30,000/year) compared to other majors, like economics (a little more than $50,000). I’m not sure if the intent is to make you wonder why you’re studying journalism when it a) is having some serious survival issues, and b) really doesn’t pay.

From personal experience, I can say none of that matters to students who want to be journalists. You think, “I’ll get a job. I am that good and the world will always need reporters. And money? Pshaw, I don’t really need that. I can exist on $30k a year.”

As the article says, it’s only until you get lied to by a source that you realize how different the real world is. Not that’s dissuaded me from being a reporter. I might have reconsidered minoring in Women’s Studies though.


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One response to “Against the odds, journalism still a popular major

  1. jaminil

    True journalism needs to be brought back to the forefront of this “get it now” news society. The teaching of investigative reporting has in most part gone by the wayside. Would Nixon’s Watergate been discovered without true investigative reporting?

    Keep up the good blogs!

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