versus GateHouse: Yet another round

This just in: Wicked Evil Needham and Wicked Evil Waltham are both up.

I just checked out the Needham site and if they had any more stuff from the Needham Times (aka the GateHouse paper) on there, they might just have to call it “Ode to the Needham Times.”

The reporter for that paper made an interesting observation. The Globe cites its sources for the articles it is posting. (That’s why they aren’t getting sued.) Yet in Needham’s case, they switch between saying Needham Times and We were wondering if this is their way of trying to make it seem like those aren’t the same source… which it clearly is!

I really want to see when Wellesley, the town I cover solo, will be attacked by the Wicked Evil ones. These changes also make me wonder how our company will react- hire more reporters? Post snarky comments about

Any suggestions?


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