Let’s all fight over GateHouse versus Boston.com

This is too funny. Now journalists/bloggers in Boston are getting into a little tizzy over Boston.com using GateHouse’s stuff.

hesaidshesaidAdam Reilly of the Boston Phoenix blogged about the Somerville Journal’s story on Boston.com failing to send street-cleaning alerts out to its users.

Reilly asserts that Dan Kennedy, who runs the popular Media Nation blog detailing journalism stuff in Boston, doesn’t think it matters how much stuff Boston.com takes from the Wicked Local Newton site.

Kennedy responds in his own post, stating he doesn’t actually think that. He also put up some interesting info I didn’t know, even though I work for GateHouse.

Although I’m not privy to the details, I do know that Globe and GateHouse executives have been wrangling behind the scenes. For about a week, there was no Tab content at all at Boston.com Newton. Now there is again.

I suggest you read both posts and tell me what you think. Also check out the Somerville story.

Boston.com is planning to expand to other towns, like Needham, and somewhat rapidly. What are they going to do in a town like Needham, where they don’t have a strong correspondent network there? It is a completely different town than Newton. I hope that means the Needham Times has more than a fighting chance!


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