120 Wicked Evil sites … oy vey

I was reading Dan Kennedy’s Media Nation this morning, and he linked to a video Boston.com has made about its hyperlocal sites. 

Ignoring the really annoying background music, the video tries explain the new sites from Boston.com’s point of view. Interviewed is Bob Kempf from Boston.com and one of the new reporter/blogger’s for their Newton site. While the two go on and on about how they’re creating an equal playing field for local bloggers, they neglect to mention how they are taking NEWS, etc. from GateHouse. 

They would like you to believe their sites are  just one reporter compiling all the local blogs together and going out and getting their own news. If only that were the case. I would say that is only part of what’s happening. About half of the time, that reporter is linking to our Wicked Local sites.

The hardest thing about these sites is the reach the Boston Globe has. Everyone in the state knows the Globe; not everyone knows every single town’s weekly paper. 

I just went to the new Needham site and 13 or 14 stories were by the Needham Times. That is not a local blog! That is a competing media outlet. Ugh. I hope people aren’t swayed by Boston.com’s publicity video.


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