Journalism movie alert!

night-at-the-moviesI love movies dealing with newspapers, news and journalism. Shattered Glass was great; and so was All the President’s Men.

Imagine my surprise and joy to find out about Nothing But The Truth starring Kate Beckinsale, Matt Dillon, Alan Alda and others. The movie appears to be about a reporter who refuses to reveal a source to the government and ends up in jail. Hello, Judith Miller goes to the movies. 

It’s opening today in NY and LA, but when it comes to Boston, I really want to check it out. The Judith Miller case (NY Times reporter who refused to leak her source and went to jail) was fascinating/horrifying to watch. I couldn’t believe a reporter was going to jail for protecting her source. How can future sources trust a journalist if they know the reporter can’t protect them?

Anyway, I hope this movie is good. What have you heard about it? Anyone seen it?

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