Broadway now on YouTube

Just read quite a fascinating article from the New York Times on Broadway using social networking sites like My Space and YouTube to reach audiences.

If you go to various plays’ Web sites, you can find blogs, online games and YouTube videos. Other shows are giving away prizes via cell phones- all you have to do is text.

For example, “Shrek The Musical” has a Web site called “Shrekster.” It is so entertaining! There are cast bios, but they are literally for the characters, not for the actors. Point in case, up now is the Sugar Plum Fairy’s bio. Her activities include flying, dusting and karaoke and she received a Bachelor of Fairy Arts.

What interested me the most about this article is how prevalent the Web really is. It’s getting into everything, not just newspapers. But Broadway has found a very creative way to use it.

My favorite quotation from the article comes from Kevin McCollum, who has produced “Avenue Q” and “Rent” among other shows. He explains his view of these tools.

“Technology is the tool, not the destination,” Mr. McCollum said. “The destination is a live audience.”

Do newspapers use technology like that? Blogs, video and slideshows shouldn’t be our “destination” but our tools. The goal is to get more users to the Web site, or at least it should be. The Web is the new frontier and that, perhaps more importantly than the print product, should be the destination.


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