Sorry, it’s been forever!

I apologize for not blogging recently. Been super busy at work.

But I’m back! I had the interesting experience today of telling somebody about the Boston Globe’s Your Town sites and how they operate. The woman, who is involved in town politics and reads my paper regularly, understood the dilemma. It was kind of surreal explaining the situation to what is essentially a consumer of our media. Normally, I am discussing it with other journalists, not people who actually read my paper and others for information. While we didn’t get too into the topic, it was nice talking to her.

I had the less enjoyable experience of talking to a freelancer for the Globe. He writes for Globe West and City Weekly, two of the Globe’s suburban supplements, and I quickly found out he was on the other side. He thinks what the Globe is doing is “brilliant” and wants to be hired as one of their journalists who just sit around and update the You Town sites. 

Our conversation made me wonder: If I wasn’t an employ of GateHouse, would I care about what the Globe is doing? I am admittedly very biased. But is sharing content actually a good idea? A lot of other papers have started to do that. You could argue we aren’t sharing stories here, but isn’t the principle the same?

I don’t know. There has to be a work around here somewhere.


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  1. Doug

    You raise the zillion-dollar question. Is this a parasitic or symbiotic relationship? One thing is for sure, the whole j-world is waiting to see what happens. If it wasn’t the fact that has seemed so sneaky and smug about the whole thing, maybe the two sides could work out a mutual accord. Andd even with the added tension, maybe things will work out best anyway. It’s definitely a great experiment.

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