A print pub that’s not failing, from a 17-yr-old

This past week, the print world got more bad news: Country Home folded. Yet the Globe reports today on a Sharon teen whose magazine is still doing well. 

yaldah1Leah Larson, 17, is the founder and publisher of Yaldah, a quarterly mag aimed at Jewish girls 8-15. She has about 1,700 subscribers who pay anywhere from $26-$40. When I read this article, I was honestly blown away. It is so hard to put out a publication on your own- even as a college student, it was challenging! Yet here’s a girl with no professional experience and a staff including an 11-year-old and she’s making it work.

Even Dan Kennedy was impressed:


Kennedy, who published his own quarterly magazine, MetroNorth Magazine, in 1989 and ’90, said it’s difficult, and expensive, to run a print operation, especially one targeting the generally short attention spans of young people.

“I’m kind of in awe,” he said. “It’s pretty impressive that young teenagers could come up with a successful magazine idea and make a go of it.”


Of course, this girl probably has a fairly low operating budget, but this awesome! 

It made me think about how other budding writers, magazine publishers, or whatever can now use the Web to form their own publication. Not everyone has the wealth to create their own print magazine, not even big companies. But everyone can use the Web and create artistic, creative pubs for free. 

This is, of course, what’s running the print world into the ground. But on the plus side, it makes the market open to everyone.

Image from yaldahfun.blogspot.com


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