Bloggers:1, NYC police:0

Three bloggers were granted press credentials after New York City cops relented, reports the City Room blog from the NYT.

The bloggers were denied press credentials in 2007, but on Friday, Jan. 9, were issued press identification cards.

The Police Department issues two kinds of credentials: working press cards, for a “full-time employee of a news-gathering organization covering spot or breaking news on a regular basis,” and press identification cards, for journalists who are “employed by a legitimate news organization” but who do “not normally cover spot or breaking news events.”

The working press card ostensibly allows the journalist to cross police lines at emergencies and at nonemergency public events, like parades and demonstrations; the press identification card is “issued as a courtesy” but does not carry such privileges. Each card must be renewed annually.

This move gives bloggers a much more legitimate claim to being journalists. Norman Siegel, the bloggers’ lawyer, called it an “important first step.”

Yet just because the police in NYC gave bloggers press credentials, what will happen to bloggers in smaller media locations? I wonder if I, as a blogger, could get press credentials in Boston. 

What do you think? Could you bloggers out there see getting in with the police by just having a blog?


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