Confused over transparency

President Obama has recently caught some criticism that he only allowed four print reporters in to watch him retake his vows with Chief Justice Roberts. 

I don’t understand why there has been criticism over this. From what I can gather, the idea is that Obama should have allowed a camera crew and more reporters in. But what does it matter? They were doing something as a precaution. They did let in some reporters. Hello, the whole world watched it earlier when Roberts messed up the oath.

How does this mean Obama is not being transparent in his administration?

The fact that the only pictures taken of Obama during the swearing in and of his first day of office were by a White House photographer is a little fisher. This is a really good point:

Michael Oreskes, the AP’s managing editor for U.S. news, told his own news outlet that “we are not distributing what are, in effect, visual press releases.” 

The press seems to be upset that Obama’s administration is changing the game a bit. Well, get over it. Look at how media is changing in general. Journalists can’t be so stuffy and say, “Well this is how we’ve always done something.” We’ve always had print products, right? Well, not anymore. Many papers are turning to a Web-first format. Some have stopped daily print publishing. Things change, including how the president deals with the press.

Obama knows how to use texts and blogs to get his news out. He doesn’t have to use the press the same way past presidents have. So stop whining and adapt.


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