Bringing in the numbers

Just a day after my post about trying to get eyeballs to the site, Poynter had an interview with a former Orlando Sentinel food critic who has left the paper and started his own food blog, Scott Joseph’s Orlando Restaurant Guide.

The interview includes how Joseph is growing his audience. It helps that when he left the Orlando Sentinel, that made its own headlines, which garnered interest in his blog, or flog as he calls it. But Joseph also suggests commenting on other sites.

But what really brings in the numbers are the comments I leave on various forums at other sites. I have the advantage of being in Central Florida, one of the top tourist destinations in the world. And Disney, of course, is the destination of many. As you might imagine, there are several sites dedicated to all things Disney, including the restaurants. I regularly troll the boards and answer questions where I can be helpful. If I can, I link to a review I’ve done on the flog, and I always sign off with my name and my URL.

I would like to point out that this guy is coming into blogging with a vast professional network. That makes a huge difference. He is already known to writers and reporters in the area who would be interested in reading blogs.

Others coming into the blogosphere from a similar background also appear to be doing well. For example, Jeff Jarvis and Dan Kennedy are constantly quoted in the national media where their blogs are referenced,  and therefore get a bunch of links and comments.

That isn’t to say it wouldn’t be hard to get an audience for anyone starting out in the blogging world. Personally, I have found it really hard to find a niche and audience. People seem to like the blog, but don’t comment. I also don’t blog as frequently as I should. But it’s a vicious cycle- I don’t get comments so I feel less inclined to blog which leads to less people reading continually and then less comments.

It would be nice if I was an already established journalist. But I don’t think that would really solve all of my blog issues.


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