Grabbing some eyeballs

While browsing and its Romenesko column, it’s hard to miss one theme: layoffs, cuts, and more layoffs occurring at news organizations.

Now this is nothing new. The unemployment rate is at a high. Yet for the newspapers that do survive both the recession and the shift in the industry, how can we get more traffic to our websites?

I have often wondered this in respect to my blog. How can I get more people to read it and comment? One obvious answer is having headlines and ledes that Google will pick up on. Another is having topics people feel compelled to ask about.

But the all important question is the how. How do blogs and websites get to be so popular? How did the Huffington Post do it or the Gannett Blog?

Myself and a great variety of other journalists would love to hear any thoughts. How would you market a blog to get more people to see it?


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