“Newspaper Project” fights back

A group of newspaper execs has started a group called the “Newspaper Project” which is fighting the idea that newspapers can’t survive the internet.

The site gives tips and positive news about the industry. For example, newspaper Web site audience has increased 12 percent.

Jay Smith, the former CEO of Cox Newspapers, explains why the group started and that newspapers must “fight back“:

Newspapers have faced challenges before, and they will face them again. The weak may disappear, but the strong will survive. My faith is in the leaders of our business. It’s time all of us – even those who have retired to the sidelines – stand up on their behalf. We stand up not just for newspapers, but for democracy.

Once upon a time, newspapers found it unseemly to fight back when others spoke ill of them. That time has passed.

This seems like a good idea. I agree with a lot of what Smith says. People were lining up to buy newspapers after the inauguration and election. Yahoo and Google and a lot of other sources rely on newspapers for news.

My hope is this group can make a difference. Papers/print media do have to change, and as Smith says, apply a new coat of paint. But I hope they survive. It would be a sad world without them.

[Via Editor and Publisher]


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