Jeff Jarvis’ new idea for saving journalism

There’s yet again another new idea for saving journalism, this time coming from Jeff Jarvis, author of blog BuzzMachine.

Mr. Jarvis lists a variety of ways journalism must change, including the next generation of local news will be about communities, linking is important, beats will take even more of a central stage and editors’ roles will evolve. I want you to read the list for yourself, because Jarvis does a  great job summing up his ideas.

It’s impossible to know what the future of journalism will be. Many seem to think paying for content will help. Yet that has been proven, time and time again, to be hard. People simply do not want to pay for news they can get elsewhere for free. Who can blame them? I do it myself.

I keep on thinking about this topic as I work on new ways to get people to comment/visit the Web site of the paper I work for. It’s too bad there isn’t an “easy” button for this. Yet there isn’t. We have to work hard, think hard and do more to figure this out.


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