Boston Globe cutting North West, City Regional sections

The Boston Globe will soon have two fewer regional sections. Media Nation  posted a memo from Globe higher ups outlining the decisions.

The two sections, NorthWest and City Weekly, were only printed once or twice a week, but it gave the community members in those areas access to local news. I did my co-op at the Globe in its West zone. In a way, it breaks my heart to see them end. It says so much about the industry. 

The memo tries to be positive, saying that while it’s too bad about City Weekly, there is still good news. 

Where we can sound more upbeat is in the suburbs. For the second year in a row, a group from across the paper studied the viability of the suburban zones and decided that they are too important to readers to dramatically reduce.

In Your Town news, the memo says 15 sites hope to roll out by the end of the year. Zone editors will help contribute to them.

I’m just guessing that the town I cover through the Wellesley Townsman, Wellesley, will be getting its own Your Town site soon. The Globe has been giving it more coverage recently and if they are intending to roll out more sites, Wellesley seems to be up there on their priority list.

I hope the Globe still manages to bring in some of the stories and writers from the zone sections that are closing. They will be missed.


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