The Phoenix looks at Boston Globe layoffs/buyouts

The Boston Phoenix gives its take on the 50 buyouts the Boston Globe wants staffers to take. 

Those in the newsroom don’t seem to be inclined to take the buyout. Who can blame them? The economy is terrible and no one wants to lose their job right now. 

In other words, if you’re a journalist who wants to stay in journalism — or a journalist who’s willing to try something different, but still needs a job — it’s pretty much the worst possible time to join the ranks of the unemployed. So, despite the not-insubstantial enticements of the buyout offer (two weeks’ pay for every year of service, capped at 52 weeks; extended health-care benefits; “resignation bonuses” for some old-timers), the Globe‘s newsroom and editorial employees deserve a hefty measure of sympathy.

Staffers spoke with the Phoenix anonymously, saying many had not taken the buyout offer yet. The deadline is mid-March, however, so there’s still time for people to change their mind. 

The quality of the paper, sadly, will have to suffer after this latest round of staff cuts. There’s no way around it. Less people covering the same/more amount of news does not equal anything good.


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  1. Tom

    Phoenix is now laying people off

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