Boston Globe, NY Daily News imperiled

Time has listed the 10 most endangered newspapers, compiled by 24/7 Wall St., reports the Boston Herald. These are the 10 papers that are most likely to close or solely publish online in the next year.

The 24/7 Wall St. compiled the list this way:

The properties were chosen based on the financial strength of their parent companies, the amount of direct competition that they face in their markets, and industry information on how much money they are losing. Based on this analysis, it is possible that eight of the fifty largest daily newspapers in the United States could cease publication in the next eighteen months.

Here’s the list in short:

1. The Philadelphia Daily News

2. The Minneapolis Star Tribune

3. The Miami Herald

4. The Detroit News

5. The Boston Globe

6. The San Francisco Chronicle

7. The Chicago Sun Times

8. NY Daily News

9. The Fort Worth Star Telegram

10. The Cleveland Plain Dealer

The Herald article states the Globe might be losing up to $1 million per week. It’s truly scary to think about it closing/only going digital. It is, pure and simple, an institution in town. How can it close?

Whenever people used to ask me what my career aspirations were, I said I wanted to work as a features writer for the Arts and Entertainment section of the Globe. That dream is completely gone. There is no A&E section anymore. The paper is apparently thisclose to closing.

I imagine other readers feel similarly, not just with the Globe but with all the papers on the list. It is just not the same to not have a paper printed. Our world is going to become one large screen, which is sad. (Although better for the environment).

It will be a sad day when/if these papers close/go print only.


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