Can the Kindle save print news?

I just got a Kindle 2. It is really neat. You simply download a book, for around $10, and poof, it’s in the machine in around a minute.


So, with that in mind, Steve Rubel is suggesting media companies examine using the Kindle to get readers to pay for newspaper content. I think this is an interesting idea, since readers are already paying to buy the books.

So far, I’ve already spent $30 on books on my kindle. Now why am I willing to do that, but not pay for a newspaper? It’s unclear. However, I think if readers got used to the idea of paying for news content, then a Kindle would definitely help. It’s easy to read/transport and very, very easy to purchase anything on it.

Normally, I would say a problem with the Kindle is that it’s sort of pricey. At $360, it’s not cheap. But it is worth it, if you like to read a lot, as I do, and you don’t want to carry a bunch of books around with you.

The Kindle also has a new iPhone app, which might extend the popularity of people paying for content since iPhones seem to be more widely used than Kindles.


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One response to “Can the Kindle save print news?

  1. I can’t get into the whole electronic book reader thing… Called me old fashioned.

    Ultimate goal: To have a home with a gigantic library. You just don’t get the same effect with a Kindle.

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