A young reporter’s first armed bank robbery story

Yesterday, I was expecting, as usual, for things to be quiet in Wellesley, the town I cover. It’s a fairly affluent suburb west of Boston where front page news of the paper is that the fire department hired a woman. (It’s first in 20 years.)

I was just coming back from an assignment in Walpole, where I interviewed a little girl who does Irish step dancing, when the photo editor informed that all hell had broken loose in Wellesley.

There had not only been a bomb scare at a supermarket in town, but less than 20 minutes later, someone had robbed a bank with a gun. So off I quickly drove to Wellesley, wearing my less than practical but cute pair of boots that have a wedge heel and are in no way good walking shoes. I hadn’t expected to need good walking shoes. Just goes to show that a pair of good sneakers needs to be in my car at all times.

When I got to the scene of the bank, the street was cordoned off, press choppers were flying above and boy, was the media in town! It was kind of cool to see reporters from ABC, Fox and WBZ  there. As well as the Boston Globe reporters. Then, there was me, the girl who most people think is the intern for the local paper. I was in the big leagues!

After almost six hours of reporting, one press conference and a harried process of making a video of the press conference and writing the story, my day was finally done. This was the first big story like this I have ever covered. I’ve only been working a year and Wellesley isn’t exactly a hotbed of crime.

One thing I learned is that being from the local paper has its perks. The cops recognized me and were much more polite to me than to the other reporters. I got a phone call about the press conference and extra time to talk with the officer in charge of it. 

But man, that was an awesome day!

I’ve posted the video of the press conference below.


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One response to “A young reporter’s first armed bank robbery story

  1. Nice work, Elana. There’s nothing like the rush of a breaking story.

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