Time to say adios to the Globe?

globe2I don’t think the New York Times Company will actually close the Boston Globe, as has been reported. The company is threatening to shutter the beloved Boston paper, some would go so far as to call it an institution, unless union workers agree to $20 million in cuts. 

Maybe it’s going on a limb to say this. Maybe I am being naive or foolhardy, but I can’t see Boston without a Boston Globe. While other towns, like Seattle and Colorado, are dealing with papers closing, this is like NYC without the New York Times. Or at least it feels that way.

The Globe is such a big deal in Boston. And what kind of message does it send out to the newspaper industry and the world as a whole if the Globe closes?

A friend and I were discussing this and she said she could see, as a logical progression, newspapers going out of style. She could even see books going the way of the dinosaur. She felt it was reducing waste. This is also someone who loves to read as much as I do. She seemed to feel no attachment to the paper medium.

To me, having no paper is an odd thought. Does it matter, however, if there are still people doing the reporting in some form? If it’s just online, but the same work is getting done, does the lack of a paper format make a difference? The information is still getting out there.

As for the Globe, I’m interested in following that story. I don’t think it will close, not now at least.


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