John Kerry tries to help newspapers

Although politicians don’t always like what newspapers write about them, there are a few who are trying to save them.

john_kerry_photo_61Sen. John Kerry will be holding Senate hearings in Washington in an effort to try and do something about the financial problems facing papers, the Boston Globe reports

Kerry wrote a letter to union leaders where he said “newspapers are struggling to survive” and if they don’t, there will “be serious consequences for our democracy where diversity of opinion and strong debate are paramount.”

“The increase in media conglomerates has resulted in an increase in agenda-driven reporting and over time, if those of us who value a diversity of opinion and ideas, and are unafraid to be confronted with pointed commentary and analysis, do not act, it is a situation which will only get worse,” Kerry wrote.

In March, Senator Benjamin L. Cardin, D-Maryland, introduced a bill that would let newspapers restructure as nonprofits. (Contrary to current popular belief, they aren’t ones already.) The Newspaper Revitalization Act, as the bill is called, hasn’t been voted on yet.

Will politicians be able to save newspapers? A Google search of the bill seems to bring up a lot of critical headlines. Is it too late for this move?

Photo from Sen. John Kerry’s Web site.


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  1. Not related to your post, but….

    Have you seen MSNBC’s Spectra news viewer? Definitely a cool way to get your news. My fave is the audio view.


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