Truth is stranger than fiction

The_Poet_MM03This past weekend, I read the book “The Poet” by Michael Connolly. The book stars Jack McEvoy, a reporter with the Rocky Mountain News.

What drew me to the book was that the protagonist is a reporter. Yet while I was reading it, it quickly dawned on me that there is no more Rocky Mountain News. That went under in February. 

The Poet was written in 1996. Digital cameras are just becoming popular – the newspaper is experimenting with them – and McEvoy still plugs a landline into his computer to get onto the internet. But it was so eerie reading a book about a paper that doesn’t exist anymore. Thirteen years ago, no one would have thought that could happen. Yet today it is a reality.

I wonder if someone else will read this book in years to come and even know that the Rocky Mountain News was a real paper – not a work of the author’s imagination.


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