A Boston Globe reporter’s other career plans

Although it definitely doesn’t seem like the Boston Globe is going to shut down, a thought has been nagging me. Are the reporters there worried about losing their jobs? Have they been applying to other jobs just in case?

Apparently, the answer is yes.

Jenn Abelson, a business reporter for the Globe, wrote a column for Fortune on her Plan B: go-kart racing.

This was last month, when it was really unclear if the New York Times Company was going to shutter the Boston institution. As a way to distract herself from freaking about her job, Abelson tried go-kart racing.

First, I tried a more conventional survival strategy: I stayed up all night writing a cover letter, updating my resume, searching JournalismJobs.com, and looking on Craigslist. I applied for a gig at the China Daily newspaper, debating whether it would be worse to be unemployed or to be employed by a communist government. I seriously considered writing appraisal reports or editing college essays.

In my sleep-deprived haze, the most promising offer was from a loving couple who would pay $10,000 for the eggs of a fertile woman under 32. At 30, I was perfect. But my boyfriend, Paul, balked, so I promised not to scrape my ovaries to make money if the paper closed.

And that’s when it came to me: Go-karting could be my future.

Getting smacked around by other drivers in cars actually seems to be a savior for Abelson — it’s the only time she stops worrying about her future.

In today’s world, with the economy still rocky and newspapers’ futures not looking any better, it was refreshing to read about a successful journalist — Abelson did make it to the Globe, after all, and by age 30 — worried. It made me feel a little bit better that I’m not the only reporter wondering what to do with my life when the career I thought I’d have may not exist in a few years.


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  1. I was offered a copy editor job with China Daily in Hong Kong. I ultimatley decided that being a mouthpiece for the Communist Party of China might not be the best career move. Now, go-carting on the other hand…

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