Someone asked ‘Ask the Recruiter’ my master’s question

Every day, I check Poynter’sAsk the Recruiter” column online. Joe Grimm, the guy who answers the questions, has a lot of experience working at papers and although he took a buyout from the Detroit Free Press, he still likes to answer the “tough questions.”

Today, someone asked him about getting a master’s. I previously blogged about my thoughts on this. They have similar concerns as I do, mainly does it make sense to get one at this time.

His response was that getting a master’s could be a good idea and that it can open a lot of doors. But it is only worth spending all the money to get a master’s if you are learning a lot of new stuff, not just repeating what you earned a bachelor’s in.

Good to know other people are wondering the same thing as me.



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One response to “Someone asked ‘Ask the Recruiter’ my master’s question

  1. Steve

    That assessment seems to make great sense. If you’re trying to enter the journalism field after earning a bachelor’s degree in another discipline, a master’s degree will help. But if you have an undergraduate degree in journalism, nothing beats digging in and getting real work experience.

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