Gawker v.s. the Washington Post

There’s been something of a hoopla over a Gawker article taking some quotes from a Washington Post story. The New York Times has a great column compiling a lot of different opinions on the matter. 

The column, called the Opinionator, is really good. It gives the reader a bunch of links and quotes from different stories, blogs and Tweets about the story. What’s interesting is that the column is doing what many print journalists have recently started complaining about: linking. Yes, it does give credit where credit is due, saying who wrote what, but how many people actually click that link?

The fact is, even if you do link to something – which I do a lot – that doesn’t necessarily mean anything. I don’t normally go to the links unless I am really interested in the topic. The author has usually already taken the points of interest from the story, why should I read it?

Does this hurt print journalism? It’s yet to be decided.


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