Why do print interns get paid more at the Washington Post?!

We all seem to agree that the web is the future of journalism. People just don’t buy print products anymore. So then why, oh why, does the Washington Post pay it’s interns $44K a year and it’s web producers now may get $42K, according to this Media Jobs Daily post.

This says that the print product is more important than the web, which I think is erroneous. Newspaper management was slow to change its thinking. Websites were an afterthought. What was more important was getting the print product out. Hello — no one reads the print product. No one my age, at least. I can’t name one person who subscribes to a paper. It might be a sad statement about my generation, but it’s true. Time we accepted that.

It’s not that I think the actual paper should be given less time and energy, it’s just that the web needs to get as much, if not more. Find the best web producers and keep them. That is a skill. People who can not only write well but know how to use the web should be worth a lot of money nowadays. I think they are, in some circles, but I’m shocked the Washington Post isn’t acting more aggressively here.


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  1. Interns seriously get $44K a year?! OMG. That makes me so depressed.

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