An AP Stylebook iPhone App

Finally, the AP Stylebook has an iPhone app. Because this is just what the world has been waiting for. And by world I mean print journalists, since they are the only ones who use the AP Stylebook. Well, other than college students studying journalism.

AP stylebookFor those of you not in the know, the AP Stylebook is every print reporters’ Bible, or at least it should be. It tells you the standard way to say numbers, dates, states, titles, etc. It also changes every so often, so it’s good to have an up-to-date one. For example, I need to get the latest copy because I’m wondering if they changed Web site to website yet. 

Back to the app. It will cost a whopping $28.99 and, according to Mallary Jean Tenore of Poynter, “is a stylebook on the go, a hybrid of theonline and print versions that some believe will be especially appealing to new users, as well as journalists and others who don’t have an online subscription or who would rather not keep the printed version with them at all times.”

My question is, was this really something anyone was waiting with bated breath for? I think not. It seems more like the AP Stylebook is trying to say, “Hey, we’re still cool! We have an iPhone app!” (They also have a Twitter account.) And is carrying the actual book so hard to do? It’s cheaper than the iPhone app and still just as useful.

Does anyone else out there think this was completely necessary? If you do, let me know. And not to be totally hypocritical, but why isn’t there a Blackberry app?

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