Poll: Which smart phone is better for journalists?

For months before I bought my Blackberry Curve, I was torn. Do I buy a Blackberry, which has a full Qwerty keyboard and is useful for business-like purposes, or the trendy iPhone? As a journalist, did it matter?

Well, a new article on Poynter says that Blackberry’s are in fact better than iPhones. Not for multimedia/video stuff, but “as an all-day communications tool, the BlackBerry beats the iPhone.” Of course, the story then goes on to say how iPhones are easier to use and might be better in today’s journalism climate where we are expected to blog, write and shoot video from the frontier, not a newsroom.

Unfortunately, the story ends up saying that basically both phones are good, but for different things. I was looking forward to a definitive answer. But I guess there isn’t one. 

So what do you think?


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