How do you stay sane while job hunting?

Who isn’t looking for a job these days? Most people I know, who are at their first “real” job out of school, are itching to grow. Either go to grad school or get the all-important second job.

For media professionals, it seems the job hunt is even harder. Not only does the economic climate hurt, but media companies are already cutting down on their employees.

So Media Bistro, in its We the ‘Bistro blog, has a great post about how to “stay sane in your job hunt.”

1. Apply to any job posting within one day
2. Make sure the job is still open before sending in your resume
3. Don’t obsess over having the perfect resume, cover letter, etc.
4. Use networking only while it’s convenient for you

That’s my rendition of the four points. The thing that this list is missing is that what makes people go crazy is not hearing back or getting that second interview or, last but not least, simply not getting the job.

I guess staying positive helps you stay out of the mental hospital while searching for a job. It’s hard, I know. But I always think of my friend Lauren for inspiration. She works in retail management and needed a new job within a month. She applied to every job she saw that interested her even mildly. When the time came for needing a new job, she had one. She never gave up. She wanted a new job and got it.

Perhaps one of the most helpful things, for me, is to remember tons of other people  looking for a job. Not in a they are your competition type way, but in the you are not alone type way. Go to Ed2010, a popular site for potential and current magazine employees, and look at the message boards. You’ll read about people trying everything to get their foot in the door at a magazine. There are tons.

Any tips on how you stay sane while looking for a job?


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